Feeling The Balance Burn – Heroic T15 content

I was really hoping that the druid changes would leave me feeling more empowered and to be honest for the first week of Tier 15 it did. I genuinely felt like I was getting a lot more healing done and being productive.

Then we accepted another Discipline Priest. This makes 2 Disc Priests a Monk and a Paladin in our primary healing core. I’ve found that the absorbs do tend to do a number on what I have available to heal. But I shouldn’t let that get to me. It’s time for heroics right?

Well, the problem I have with heroics and granted I’ve only done two so far in this tier is Blizzard’s lean towards periodic heavy hitting raid AoE attacks that can be planned around. When you have things like Ionize or Dire Call in an encounter you are giving absorb healers a chance to maximize their efforts which is great! But it also means that there may not always be as much for others to do when absorbs and burst are the preferred method for dealing with it.

On Horridon last night I was feeling quite a bit of frustration as I played my heart out and just wasn’t seeing the numbers that I thought I should. Our disc priests were rocketing ahead absorbing up the dire calls like mad and I was doing what I could to blanket heals where needed and have wild mushrooms available in exactly the right spots where the raid will be as we kite mobs.

I’m still feeling lackluster though. I am also seeing a couple issues with the predictable pattern and absorb plan when it comes to our healing. When priests are able to completely or mostly negate the damage from an effect on people within the raid (but not everyone) it cause my wild mushrooms to be incredibly erratic. Despite a handful of people being near them if half of those people got shielded up the wazoo the mushrooms would simply overheal them like a boss. I sometimes got upwards of 50-60% overheal from the mushrooms despite great placement.

My second gripe is one that I touched on in my previous post. When the raid is taking rather significant damage and I can’t overheal with rejuvenation at all (which is theoretically fine mind you) I don’t ever get that option to provide burst healing. If an encounter does periodic damage to people at a rate where every couple of ticks of rejuvenation might end up overhealing due to other healers healing then I would at least get to store up some for a big burst when another raid wide ability decimates us. When everyone is hovering or struggling in health I don’t like losing the chance to recharge that spell. It is what it is though we simply need to trade off our burst for effective rejuvenation healing at that point I suppose.

This may come off as whining but its more that I’m just feeling frustrated. I want to feel useful and relevant. Someone in my guild said yesterday “it must be easy to rank as a resto druid right now, no guilds are taking them to the hard stuff”. While that’s clearly an exaggeration and I, and others, are clearly being taken to raids…it is still a rather dangerous mentality that is floating around out there. As fights become predictable or people gain familiarity with encounters the absorb mechanics and smart heals will continue to be very favorable and these are strong healing classes to begin with. No one likes playing the healing class that all other healing classes unanimously agree is the weakest of all of them.


7 responses to “Feeling The Balance Burn – Heroic T15 content

  1. I hate feeling like the weak link in my healing team. The current healing paradigm makes it feel like we Resto druids are becoming obsolete – if we aren’t obsolete already. I’m doing everything I can to keep my Druid alive.

  2. Thats the reason why I switched from my main Druid to my Pally Twink for heals….
    My frustration peaked out when I lost my Raid slot (10) for a Disc / Shadow.
    Even now being ways behind with gear compared to my Druid the numbers are great and more important my toolkit feels diversified and complete 🙂
    I’m sorry for the early retirement after so many great years but until blizz rethinks the druid healing i stay with my pally!

  3. I feel fortunate that my guild seems to always have a raid slot for me as a healer, but it sucks that there are fights when it’s only for Tranquility. Our niche has been steadily disappearing as other healers get the tools to deal with it better, and that just leaves me severely disappointed. I was excited at the start of the tier to see that I was keeping up with everyone else, and now… now I look over the logs and I see that I’m right back where I was in tier 14, only this time it looks like everyone else is with me on most fights while the paladins take us all by an output out 20 million for the same amount of activity.

    I’m going to tough it out; I’m the only Resto Druid my guild has. But I hate feeling like I’m not doing my part to keep the raid alive, even when I know I am.

  4. I am fortune enough to be a locked in healer in our 10-man group, mostly because I show up every week. Perhaps it’s because my guild is not heavy progression and we rarely push heroics, but I’ve been pretty happy with where I stand as a Resto Druid since my mana regen got to an acceptable level. Now, with 502s and 522s, my druid is top healer is most fights. In fact, our backup healer is another druid and we normally hold neck and neck.

    I’m not saying druids are perfectly fine; I certainly believe that a lot of the damage I get to heal could be mitigated by player personal cooldowns. Maybe this speaks poorly of our shaman and monk healers, but my own throughput remains solid.

    There is a Disc priest that I run with regularly who is well geared. We trade winnning positions depending on the fight, though I do get the feeling that she could blow my druid out of the water if she ever really tried…

  5. You know, I think the main issue is that blizz seems to have given up on something they once mentioned about Druids back during Cata. Ah, cata, the golden days when we absolutely dominated healing logs. Why? Because that was all we could do and blizzard knew it. We could heal and… we could heal more. We couldn’t absorb, or do burst AoE, or prevent damage, or reduce damage, but by the gods could we heal! This is also why shaman’s were so weak during Cata. They had much the same problem of not being able do anything preventative, only they *couldn’t* outheal anyone.

    And blizz had said they were okay with this, and tried repeatedly to beat into people’s brains that Resto Druids being top of the logs was not equal to resto druids being ‘teh best healer’, because RAW POWAH is not the metric of a good healer, raid survivability is. If you lose 1 person in every 10 attempts due to healing with a resto druid and 1 person every 12 with a pally, that pally is the better healer. But the logs would probably rank the druid higher, because the only tool the druid has is healing, whereas the pally can bubble people, or sac them, or do all sorts of other things that remove damage without healing it. What could the druid do? Heal harder. In cata, literally the only thing we could do to save someones life was lean on the healing button harder, whether that be via nature’s swiftness, or Tree of Life, or just more regrowth. All we could do, and honestly all we *still* can do is lean harder. We have a few more options thanks to ironbark, but that’s only one person every 2 minutes. The rest of the time, we’ve only got the one option.

    But blizzard caved to the cries of ‘nerf druids, they’re stealing our ranks’ by bringing the delta on our healing down in line with everyone else. Thing is, this puts us in the same boat shamans were in before they received their large dollop of healing cooldowns. Everyone can heal as well as we can, and we…. well, we can’t heal harder. Blizzard had *made it* so we can’t heal harder. Given equal skill, they will heal as much as we can. And in the case of disc priests, THEIR heal trumps ours without exception. Honestly, I think that alone is another major problem.

  6. I definitely know how you feel. I still feel way behind. We keep a big roster as a 25 man guild and our healers consist of 2 druids, 2 monks, 3 pallies, 2 shaman, and 2 priests. We tend to run 6 healers; 7 on heroic. So there’s lots of absorbs and healing that’s way quicker than my HoTs. I feel as if my output is better when we run less healers because my HoTs can actually tick.

    I feel kinda down since we don’t bring that much to the table compared to shamans or monks. My healing output is okay, but certainly not what it used to be in the past. Maybe I just need to get used to it. I’m glad I don’t feel anymore in thinking this. =)

    I want to post on healing forums about how I feel, but i’m afraid I’ll just be trolled. People will be like “lol druids are fine”.

    • It is very difficult to voice your unhappiness about your play experience because it varies widely from healing core to healing core. IF your group doesn’t bring disc priests or tons of paladins then you might provide much better numbers without all of the absorbs. If you run an additional healer compared to most then you’ll get sniped a lot more.

      In general people seem to dismiss druid complaints under the guide of “Druids are always complaining” and “Look at the druids always derailing threads in their favor for QQ” etc. We have been on a roller coaster ride for a long time now where we fluctuated from under-powered to over-powered to middle of the pack and back again. Because at times we were so good and received lots of addressing here and there people do seem to be tired of it.

      I do suggest that if something is bothering you that you should go post about it and be honest. Write a cogent letter about what you are feeling and describe your situation as best as you can. Trolls will troll but you might find some people sympathize with you and can give you advice.

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