Resto Druid Roundtable (My First Podcast)


This past weekend was my first ever chance to be on a podcast and it was a real treat to be invited to Team Waffle’s Resto Druid Roundtable to discuss 5.2 content and our current quality of life.  We talked about everything from glyph and talent choices, play styles, current performance in PvE and PvP, and much more.

It was my honor to join with the following people to make it happen:

Arielle – the host of Team Waffle and runs The Inconspicuous Bear

Hamlet – Druid trainer who runs a blog as well as manages Tree Calcs

Jasyla – 25 man resto druid raider and blogger who runs Cannot Be Tamed

Sodah – 12 time druid gladiator, an impressive source of PvP information

You can go take a listen here 




One response to “Resto Druid Roundtable (My First Podcast)

  1. Congrats man. I listen to the podcasts while I’m at work on the weekends so I’ll listen then. Sounds like you had fun 😀

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