Mission Statement:

“Rank 4 Healing Touch” is born from my need to have a creative outlet. I have always considered myself an active member of the druid community and have left my share of lengthy posts on many other blogs and forums that exist out there in the twisted nether. As the name might imply I sometimes find myself that cranky old druid who utters the phrase “Back in my day we walked up hill both ways in the snow, and we had only one main raiding heal that we could use”. I have always been a serious raider and I have seen changes to our class and the raiding environment big and small over the years. In the end though we are all passionate about the game in its ever-changing form. WoW is a living breathing creature that we spend a large chunk of our time with and in the end it is what we make of it.

Live. Play. Grow.

While I expect that I will offer my thoughts on the latest massive changes to the game, eerily vague blue posts about druids and the like, and potential mechanics the developers have leaked…that is not my true focus. I want my posts to reflect my observations on the state of the game, on the people in the game, and about the  druids in general. I expect I will rant, give sage advice, or just offer speculation. I also plan to discuss other video games that I have been playing, Magic: the gathering, table top role playing games, and life in general. I am always the first to admit that I am not the supreme guru on the topics of which I speak and I always welcome intelligent discussion and helpful feedback.

About me:

I work in the Boston area as a manufacturing engineer focused primarily in the aerospace industry. I am a life long “gamer” (or geek if that’s your preferred term) who has always had an active imagination. The vices that come with such a title are fairly numerous to list but I assure you I’ve dabbled in just about everything. Outside of those more esoteric hobbies, I like to play the trumpet, hike, travel to new places, and spend time with the love of my life.


You can e-mail me at: R4HealingTouch@gmail.com

My new twitter account is: http://www.twitter.com/Rank4HT